Meet Eugene, our Ukrainian culinary wizard who adds a dash of flair to our kitchen as our talented Chef de Partie.
Since making his way from Odessa, Ukraine to Queenstown, Eugene has become an integral part of our team.
When it comes to drinks, Eugene’s go-to is anything rum-based, but his true passion lies in our BBQ offerings. He highly recommends trying our Picanha com alho (garlic steak) or our juicy lamb for a BBQ experience that will make your taste buds sing.
Outside of the kitchen, Eugene loves nothing more than taking leisurely walks with his family, exploring the stunning landscapes that Queenstown has to offer. His love for this beautiful place we call home is matched only by his dedication to creating delicious dishes that leave our guests satisfied and smiling.
Eugene’s hard work and dedication to the art of BBQ make him an invaluable asset to our bustling kitchen. With him around, you can always expect a culinary experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary!



This is Craig, one of our fantastic Fogo chefs!
He's originally from Pembrokeshire, south west Wales. Craig's fave cut from the BBQ is our Lamb leg and he loves a few of our Mango & Chilli Caipirinhas after work.
In his down time, find Craig playing poker in the pub with his mates.
Fun fact: Craig's a former chef of Jamie Oliver!



Meet Jude, one of our fantastic passadores who always brings a smile to the table. Hailing from Manila, The Philippines, he’s been spreading warmth and hospitality since he joined us in January 2022.
When he’s not serving up BBQ delights, Jude likes to keep active by hitting the gym or unleashing his creativity through sketching. His diverse interests make him a well-rounded member of our team.
Jude’s go-to drink? The Caipiginha with strawberry from our ‘Create your own’ cocktail menu—a fruity twist on a classic that he can’t help but recommend. And when it comes to BBQ, he’s all about our BBQ pork ribs, available on our $20 lunch menu and our All-You-Can-Eat Experience, for a great value meal that hits the spot.
Jude’s passion for creativity and great food shines through in every interaction with our guests. You’ll see it in his ever-present smile and in the way he makes every visit to our restaurant a memorable one.


Bartender & Passadore

Meet Wasantha, affectionately known as Wasa, our spirited bartender and passadore who brings a splash of Sri Lankan flair to our crew. Since joining us, he’s dived headfirst into the Queenstown lifestyle, soaking up the fun activities and breathtaking scenery that make our town so special.
On his days off, you’ll likely catch Wasa trekking through the local nature spots. When it comes to BBQ, he’s all about the bold flavours—his top picks are the chicken thigh wrapped in bacon or our juicy chicken wings, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.
Back in Sri Lanka, Wasa’s mixology skills and passion for flavours earned him a reputation, with regular appearances in cocktail competitions. His knack for creating delightful drink combinations has made him a hit with our guests, leaving them smiling with every sip.
Aside from mixing drinks, Wasa is a cricket fanatic. Whether he’s cheering from the stands or out on the field himself, his love for the sport shines through.
Wasa’s infectious enthusiasm, coupled with his talent and dedication, make him a cherished member of our team.
With him around, you’re sure to leave with a full belly and a smile on your face!


Bartender & Passadore

Chin is our lively bartender and passadore from the stunning coastal town of Bentota, Sri Lanka. Chin brings a vibrant energy and a wealth of experience to Fogo, where he’s been a valued member since June 2023.
Chin’s love for mixology is evident in his favourite cocktail, the classic Caipirinha. This refreshing blend of cane sugar and fresh lime juice reflects his passion for creating drinks that are not only delightful to make but also a joy to savour.
When it comes to our menu, Chin’s top picks include the succulent Picanha, his go-to BBQ beef cut, and the crowd- favourite BBQ pineapple and chicken hearts, showcasing his appreciation for the Fogo flavours.
Embracing his new life in New Zealand, Chin finds joy in nature hikes and moments of relaxation. His life took a beautiful turn with the arrival of his first baby in September last year, and he eagerly looks forward to creating cherished memories with his growing family.


General Manager

Here’s our head of the show, Aidan.
Aidan was born in London but grew up down in Invercargill. His favourite Fogo Churrasco BBQ offering is the traditional Brazilian chicken hearts and his cocktail choice is the delicious Mango Daiquiri from our menu.
Days off, find him shooting pool with mates at pub. Impressively, Aidan ran Queenstown Marathon in 2019 without training, but says couldn't walk properly for a week after...!


Duty Manager

Here’s Connor, our awesome Duty Manager and talented bartender. Originally hailing from Tauranga, he’s fully embraced the Queenstown vibe, lured in by its vibrant community and endless array of bars and cuisines to explore.
Even though Connor’s only been with us for a short while, he’s already an essential part of the Fogo family. His love for BBQ shines through in his top pick, the sticky pork ribs, a dish he can’t stop raving about.
When it comes to drinks, Connor’s all about the Fogo Old Fashioned, a testament to his appreciation for a well-crafted classic cocktail. Outside of work, you’ll often spot him checking out the local bar scene, with Barmuda and other hotspots topping his list of favorite hangouts.
Here’s a fun fact: despite being just 20 years old, Connor’s already making waves in the hospitality scene. And with Te Reo Māori as his first language, he adds a unique cultural twist to our team, making our experiences even more special.


Duty Manager

Meet Marine, our lively restaurant host and Duty Manager who adds a touch of French flair to our team. Originally from the charming town of Auray in France, she has fully embraced the Queenstown lifestyle, soaking up the vibrant nightlife and stunning mountain views.
Marine’s enthusiasm for our menu is infectious. She highly recommends trying the mouthwatering BBQ Beef short ribs from our All-You-Can-Eat menu for a truly satisfying meal.
When she’s not busy at work, Marine loves immersing herself in Queenstown’s beauty. You’ll often find her hiking,
cooking up a storm, or exploring local art galleries, showcasing her love for culture and creativity.
With her warm personality and passion for the Queenstown lifestyle, Marine is the perfect host to ensure that your dining experience with us is not only memorable but also incredibly fun.


Sous Chef

This is Gaspar, our amazing sous chef from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Gaspar has wholeheartedly embraced Queenstown as his new home, raising his family in this vibrant community.
Gaspar’s culinary skills are a testament to his South American roots, especially when he’s whipping up delicious picanha and chicken bacon dishes.
When he’s not in the kitchen, Gaspar enjoys unwinding with a cold beer and spending quality time with his kids and family, soaking up the Queenstown lifestyle to the fullest.
A rugby enthusiast, Gaspar brings his passion for the sport to Queenstown, supporting his favorite teams, the Hamilton Cheifs and the All Blacks, with unwavering dedication.
Outside of work, Gaspar loves experimenting with new flavors and techniques, often creating sushi and cocktails at home. His passion for food, family, and rugby shines through in everything he does, enriching our team at Fogo with his hard work, skills, and fun-loving personality.


Bartender and Passadore

Dulaj joined us in October 2023, bursting with excitement for his new adventures in New Zealand. Hailing from the picturesque town of Galle in Sri Lanka, Dulaj has quickly become a cherished member of our team.
On his days off, Dulaj loves nothing more than exploring the stunning South Island, often embarking on road trips to soak in New Zealand’s breathtaking scenery.
A sports enthusiast, Dulaj enjoys both playing and watching football and cricket. However, his true passion lies in mixology. With a love for bold flavours, his favourite cocktail is a Negroni, and he highly recommends trying our signature Fogo Old Fashioned.
In addition to mixology, Dulaj is a trained Sommelier, showcasing his knowledge and appreciation for the world of wine. He loves sharing his insights and recommendations, so don’t hesitate to ask him for some great pairing ideas for your BBQ experience.
Dulaj’s infectious smile and enthusiasm make him an invaluable part of our team, bringing his passion for hospitality to every shift.

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